the gods

Light Gods:

1.Life: ottrix is believed to be the force that keeps every animal plant humanoid and fungus alive he is known as the creator of the universe he is also a well-known enemy of the undead. Mainly druids, farmers and some rangers follow him

2.dawn: Rohjira typically the people that pray to her are either fighters, sell swords or thieves as a kind of good luck charm she is believed to bring good luck and hope that the person will survive to see their next dawn she has become a very good goddess for those who are in a very tight spot and wish to come out alive. Her devout followers such as paladins can live for hundreds of years longer than they should bot this comes with a heavy asking price of which leaves the subject at her whim and must do as she asks no matter what.

3.the moon: ezeus she along with her husband Cryailln control the weather day and night cycles and seasons they are the least interesting and hated of all the gods while ezeus has most power over the night and its weather she is followed mainly by thieves and farmers the thieves wanting a cloudy night to go about their business while the farmers want milder nights during winter so that crops don’t fail and some rogues want darker nights to help carry out their deeds.

4.the sun: Cryailln he along with his wife ezeus control the weather day and night cycles and seasons they are the least interesting and hated of all the gods while Cryailln has more control over the day there are sects of priests that prey to him in the hopes that he will help them clear the undead from temples and dungeons.

5.The sea: karos he is mostly worshiped by Seafarers, fishermen and anyone that lives on the coast they pray that he will bring calm waters and a bountiful catch of fish along with other bits like safe passage and death to enemies. He along with ezeus and Cryailln are in a seemingly never-ending battle with the demon known as aros over the control of the skies.

6.Justice/ order: Lieaira and Operal are twins Lieaira tries to think logically however he is to easily swayed by his emotions, He wants there to be peace but the only way for that to happen is if he kills Operal but he refuses to do so because he knows that both brothers cannot exist without the other if one dies the other becomes corrupted and eventually will change to the other role. He is followed by the stereotypical type of paladin

Dark gods:

1.Death: Ranbara he is also known as the destroyer of worlds, people have come to fear and love this demon of death and destruction. Sadly, when he isn’t ferrying the dead from here to the next world he doesn’t have much imagination or ideas about how to do much on his own so him and his only friend Operal tend to hang out together and think of new ways to cause mischief and mayhem.

2.Chaos/ injustice: Operal is manipulative and knows what he’s good at and knows how to get it he is desperate and will do drastic things just to be the center of attention and control although he is easily wound up by the others who find it amusing to take the piss out of him a lot of the time.

3.the endless void: Casta is has one eye she cannot create things for herself but she is in love with creation however she can mutate and control things by using the subjects own fears and hates against them and slowly turning them into slowly turning them into what they feared most then they become one of her own creations like Liches and some other monsters.

4.dusk: emphine she is often blamed for all of those things that go bump in the night and most illnesses while she will only very occasionally actually do this she enjoys watching the small mortals perform rituals to try to keep her evil deeds at bay although most of these rituals don’t really work she enjoys playing along and the affliction will disappear.

5.famine: Lairalau he sweeps across whole kingdoms he likes to believe that he is doing some much needed work by controlling populations and other migrations. Him and him alone is responsible for failed crops and mysterious diseases like the plague, and the great storm that swept across the world and wiped out nearly a half of all life. He also believes in the idea of tough love although most gods think he can be too harsh with his punishments.

6.storms: aros is well known for having a hair-trigger temper, a love for storms and water, he also often picks fights when drunk with karos, ezeus and Cryailln over who rules the skies while the other three don’t exactly get along they will happily band together to fight the much more powerful aros to try to keep the great demon calm

Neutral gods:
little is known about these gods as they have few followers and tend to keep to themselves where ever possible eta she is well known for saying things like “fire is the only way to truly level the playing field as it shall favour no one kings, priests and peasants can all fall or live by my hand” it is thought that every fire has a part of this goddess at the heart of their flames

2.The hunt: hyena she is more well known for those who follow her guidance as they tend to take the art of hunting and general survival very seriously she is followed by poachers, rangers, and those who hunt for sport. She likes to challenge her followers by occasionally appearing as a wild animal or beast

3.Stalling: the god called Ummm this god isn’t really a he or a she more sort of a mix of both and neither at the same time Ummm is the god of questions you don’t want to answer with the whole truth or lie about entirely Ummm chooses to live in a rather confusing world where not everything is as it seems and where everything is as it seems. No one likes this god as they will end up with a headache if they think about this for too long.

the gods

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