charecter mec

roll Positive traits Modifiers/ conditions Brief description
1 Adventurous +3 to climb swim and knowledge -1 will the call of the open road is a song you just cannot ignore you strive to seek out new sights sounds and locations you find it difficult to say no to an adventure

2 coy +2 Sense motive and disguise -2 diplomacy You like to keep info close to your chest even if you have to pretend to be shy to do so

3 Happy go lucky -2 sense motive and wisdom +2 diplomacy You don’t plan that far ahead you like to see where the road takes you accepting what happens without becoming worried or panicked. It does however land you into trouble some times

4 nimble +2 dex -2 str Getting to those hard to reach areas in a room seems quite easy you maybe lacking in strength but this has never stopped you before

roll Negative traits Modifiers/ conditions Brief description
1 Childlike mind +2 cha -2 int
If you have 8 don’t take any more off Everything is simple if you look at it in the right way even if it turns out incorrect. You like your friends so you protect them bad things are bad good things are good (try to sound like an adult while playing this one as any baby voices will be ignored)

2 deceitful +2 disguise and bluff -2 fort Although you can change your outward appearance when needed you still might need a little persuasion when push comes to shove

3 mischievous +2 sleight of hand -2 will Do you know the saying “Devil finds work for idle hands” well you find it difficult to stay still for long the need to do something can be a destructive force. You find it easier to just do whatever you can to distract yourself

4 “ladys man/guys woman” Just take the charisma down to 8 and spread the difference from the original stat over multiple skills You believe that your words are golden whatever you say falls like heaven on the ears of those around you (reality its amazing that what you have just said hasn’t gotten you killed yet)

roll Physical traits Modifiers/ conditions Brief description
1 adorable -3 intimidate Maybe it’s your small height or your large eyes but people just cannot find you scary

2 dumb + 2 int -2 cha You don’t know why but it seems that every one has pegged you up to be somewhat simple you may be able to say a few words of wisdom but as far as others are concerned they are a fluke

3 weak +2 str -2 con People find that your looks can be deceiving especially when it comes to how strong you are

4 Trustworthy +2 cha -2 con People tend to find your appearance trustworthy whether or not this is true is up to you

charecter mec

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